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This is a simple openBOR mod to practice spriting for Beat'em'Ups. The HUD and fonts are openBOR defaults, but everything else is 100% original. I'm definitely too dumb for openBOR and even getting to something this simple was a pain in the neck.  Only one character is playable, but I couldn't resist adding the other two designs in the title screen just for fun.

For those who have no idea what an openBOR even is, the zip File is what you want, and it's Windows only (although I hear it runs on wine quite well). If you're a BOR veteran, I've also included the pak file so if you want to run it on Dreamcast or Wii or Android I guess feel free. It's a very simplistic, bare bones mod however so you might also just check it out on PC.

Both this and Slay the Necromancer are meant more as a pixel art portfolio, so if you've got freelance jobs available, feel free to throw 'em my way!

Unused sprites, character designs and an old (worse) attack chain for the frog enemy can all be found here (click!)


Arrows  - movement

A - attack (repeat for combo)

D - jump

F - breakout special (i-frames, consumes life energy)


openBOR by Chrono Crash Team

Music and Pixel Art by João Antônio Silva Diniz

 Guitars on Menu/Boss music by Guilherme Scheufler. 


BSSS.pak 15 MB

Install instructions

You only need to download the zip file. Extract it and run BSSS.exe

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