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This is a simple, pay-what-you-want pack containing pixel art tokens for all 38 unique frames in the Lancer ttrpg, as well as hexagonal tiles representing 11 types of terrain - factory, grass, mine, moon, desert, city, snow, alien, lava, water and cave - with four variations each. Assets are presented on both their original resolution - 32x32 pixels for tiles, 36 x 36 for tokens (base 32x32, and extra 4 pixels at the bottom for shadows) - and blown up 8 times for ease of use/printing. 

In case you need to further blow these up, nearest neighbour resizing keeps the chunky pixel look!

I'm also including five sample maps made with the tiles provided and the mapping tool Tiled

I'm also planning an update soon-ish to include  I've released an update including 6 generic designs to use as Everest/Sagamartha tokens on early LLs, but I'm also taking suggestions for now! 

Credits/link back aren't mandatory, but would be greatly appreciated :)

Lancer is created and owned by Massif Press 

(Regarding Licenses: Every background tile, everything in the GMS folder, the NPC Pack, and the GMS 2nd Fleet on the Dustgrave pack is CC0! Other tokens are mech designs owned by Massif, so I unfortunately cannot license those for you. The Lancer 3rd Party license is pretty interesting however, and if you are working on any Lancer 3rd Party project, you have my blessing to use these.)


Added Alternate tokens for all the size 2, 3 and 1/2 frames for a total of 17 new alternate tokens - you can definitely simply resize the regular tokens for bigger frames and use them on a single square for size 1/2, but this is something a lot of people commented on so now you have a couple more options, too! 

Besides that, I have also added 12 tokens - 6 regular sized, 6 for size 2 - for use as GMS Everest or Sagamartha frames. There are no official illustrations for those frames as far as I know, so four of these designs have some tongue in cheek references built in! New mockups have been added after the previous ones. 


Added a separate .zip with 37 NPC tokens - all of them including the ones from No Room For a Wallflower, with the exception of the Squad (instead, we have two different Monstrosity options). For now these are all in the size 1 style/resolution, but alternate tokens for size 2, 3 and 1/2 NPCS will be the next update, scheduled for December 17th. I thought having these out, with resize options, would be nicer sooner rather than later. 

Unrelated to the NPCs, this update has also brought a .zip with individual hextiles as requested by jorblax. Hopefully these play nicer with Hex Kit. 


9 days earlier than I predicted! Added alternate size tokens for all the size 2, 3 and 1/2 npcs, including ones that can be multiple sizes, for a total of 15 new tokens.  That brings us to a total of a whoppin 119 tokens! Whoo! 

That should be our last update in a while as it covers every finished playable frame and npc classes as of this writing. There's still the Emperor and the White Witch frames to cover, but I'm waiting until these get their final release in whatever material they're coming out on (they're on the very next update!) . I'm still baffled that this was as well received as it was, and I am immensely grateful for everyone who pitched in. The generosity of this community has helped me in ways I can't even begin to describe, so trust me, I can't wait to meet everyone down the road again. Thank you!


Today Massif Press has released The Field Guide to The Karrakin Trade Baronies, which includes two new frames and two alternate frames. Well, we gotta have those! Also includes an alternate Size 2 token for the White Witch frame (and it's in the same folder as everyone else this time - it's only one token, so let's save some clicking time, right?) - so that's 5 new tokens (upping the total to 124!).

This is a separate ZIP file labeled KTB Pack for ease of use :)


This is a rather small update, but a couple of people have asked me for space tiles so I made a few. They're not too fancy but hey, they're also the single terrain to have 5 variations instead of 4! 

This is a separate ZIP file labeled Space Tiles Expansion because I really didn't want to repack everything in a new numbered release so bear with me for a moment! 


I wasn't able to be as fast as with the KTB pack, but it's finally here! Massif Press has released Dustgrave, which includes two new alternate frames and three new NPC templates. So I've made these! I usually don't illustrate templates - but this time around they had official art so it was pretty tempting to do. They're included in the same folder as the two alternate frames, since it's just five tokens in total. BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT ALL!

To beef up this update a bit, since it's been a while, I've also added 10 more GMS Generic Units! These are CC0 since the designs are not owned by Massif, so feel free to add them to your gamedev projects, too. They are all size 1 only this time around, but you can always resize the file for your Sagamarthas. You can also always use them for NPCs in your lancer games or whatever your heart desires, really, I hold no power over you. And hey, Solstice Rain added the Chomolungma so we can also pretend this caters to the other new book! With that, we're up 15 tokens (to a total of 139 - WE'RE NEARING GEN 1 POKEMON METRICS!!)

Everything is on a separate Dustgrave Pack zip. 

Thank you so much once again!

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KTB Pack.zip 113 kB
Lancer - Individual Hex Tiles 1.0.zip 87 kB
Space Tiles Expansion.zip 86 kB
Dustgrave Pack.zip 279 kB

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Hey Jão, love the packs. Just a few things that seem to be missing in the hex packs - I might be missing something, idk. The Space tiles update doesn't actually have the individual tiles, and the base token pack is missing what I've been referring to as "mine boulder" aka tile 11. In its place is the space surface tile. Hope you see this so I can either figure out where these tiles are, or so you can add them in soon!

Also, quick question, any tips on demonstrating elevation with these hexes? I'm guessing I should just use map-appropriate alternate tiles.

Can you please make more tiles and make me throw money at your face? i beg you.

Hello! Sorry, I've been away for a while! What would you be looking for, tilewise? I need to go after Solstice Rain and Dustgrave mechs still, eh?

What is the license?

I do not own most of the mech designs! They're from Massif Press' RPG, Lancer. The tiles and the GMS mechs are CC0, tho!

what (free) software could i use to make maps using these tiles?

(1 edit) (+1)

Sorry it took so long to answer!

Tiled is completely free, and there's a video tutorial on how to use it for mapping linked in the files! 

O loco meu, alta qualidade com preço baixo. Valeu mesmo

não sei se ficou claro inclusive mas o pagamento é opcional! Só se tiver sobrando aquele trocado mesmo, de resto pode baixar de graça e passar pros colegas sem erro

really cool, any chance you can do these sci-fi characters in rpg maker format for characters the way they are in the Time Fantasy pack?

Hey jumpjets, thanks for stopping by! Most of these characters are actually designed and copyrighted by Massif, so I don't feel comfortable doing that. I would love to eventually make some rpg maker sets though, and just characters are a lot easier than tilesets so it might happen - just can't promise a date as work needs to give me downtime for that!


Someday I'll run a session of Lancer and someday I'll use this assets. Looks amazing!

Thank you so much! Really glad you like it this much, means the world to me!


This are so amazing! I used them for a game jam this weekend and just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome art pack.

Hey Turtle! That's so cool, thank you very much for sharing it. Only got as far as turn 35 haha

Deleted 340 days ago

Don't worry! I totally undestand being broke, the fact that you like these and even took the time to comment here is more than enough and it did actually make my day that much better. Truck on, Lancer! 


Could we get the map tiles individual like the mechs? I'd love to use them in Hex Kit, but I'm unsure how to get them imported. 


sure thing! I'm out of town right now but I'll be back in two weeks and I'll update you then!


Awesome! Thanks!

Hey jorblax! Sorry it took a while, but a new zip with individual hexes is now up! Let me know if they play nice with Hex Kit! 


Awesome! Thank you!


You really did knock it out of the park! I am 100% using these in my next campaign! My players will love them. I know its definitely a lot of work, but have you considered making tokens for NPC mechs?

Looking forward to seeing those Everest tokens as well!

Thank you tons, King! 

I have indeed considering making tokens for the NPCs, but I still don't feel comfortable committing to a release date - I love the Retrograde Minis designs to bits, but since they're their own original designs rather than coming from the source book I feel I wouldn't feel comfortable copying their hard work. That means I would have to design all of them again, and while that sounds really fun, I don't know when I'll have the time to do it all. 

I definitely want to do those, though! Maybe when I have a more concrete grasp on things I'll announce them.

I have just uploaded the new file, so luckily you'll enjoy at least one of the 6 GMS designs! 

Hey King! Just returning to say we have 37 new NPC tokens now! Still working on the alternate size versions of those but that should get you a good start :)

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Love this ! ❤️

Give me good TRPG vibe , I wanna make one too one day !


Thank you so much! Can't wait to see yours!


Thanks ! 🙏


Great pixel! Do you have plan to update more ?


Thank you so much!

I do plan on adding around 6 "generic" original mecha frames for usage as Everest/Sagamartha options, but right now I'm drawing a blank on more tile ideas. Will definitely release a fantasy pack later this year, with a gridless tileset that shoud also be useable for Lancer - but that's going to be its own release :)


These look amazing! Thanks. What is the license for these? Can they be used for a commercial project?



With the mecha designs belonging to Massif Press, I'm guessing a commercial Actual Play or something would be fine, but not a full fledged videogame, I guess? Either way, they own that part.

The tiles are completely mine so go ahead and use and modify them to your heart's content! A link back and/or credits would be appreciated, but not mandatory at all :)


OK, thank you.

Hey Antiks, small update regarding licenses: all the tokens in the GMS folder and on the NPC expansion pack are also free to use - the visual designs are all original, so now we have some CC0 robots to accompany the tiles :) 

Great! Thanks!