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This is a simple, pay-what-you-want pack containing isometric pixel art tiles representing 14 types of terrain - grass, water, lava, acid, poison, worked stone, wood, sand, metal, cave, raw stone/dirt, snow, ice and non-descript magic  - with a couple of variations and slopes, walls and stairs for each of them. There are also a few tokens included, at first for imperial, scavenger and demon foes as well as five "PCs". Nothing prevents you from using those for other uses, however! I hold absolutely no power over you!!! 

The animated version for the Imperial Corvetta is presented in both gif and webm for VTT use.

Assets are presented on both their original resolution - 32x32 pixels - and blown up 8 times for ease of use/printing, with the exception of the Imperial Corvetta: as it is already a much larger image, it was only blown up 4 times.  

In case you need to further blow these up, nearest neighbour resizing keeps the chunky pixel look!

I'm also including ten sample maps made with the tiles provided and the mapping tool Tiled . I've also made a video for a Tiled introduction! 

I plan on adding a few more tokens, specially for enemies, but because fantasy characters are a lot more varied and personalized than Mech Frames,

there probably will be a smaller focus on tokens than on the previous Lancer set. 

Oh yeah! I also started making these on 1.3, so the names are outdated for most foes. Whoopsie. Shouldn't make much of a difference, though!

ICON is created and owned by Massif Press

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Thank you for making this great asset pack.I loved them, so I used these in my game!


hey Quokt! It looks so cool, can't wait to play it! I'm tearing up a bit

That's a lot of pressure then! I hope you enjoy it :)


Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


No, thank you for stopping by!

(1 edit) (+1)

This assets pack is really awesome, what license have, is possible to use it to make a commercial game?


Yeah for sure! These are CC0 and this time they're all original designs, so go wild. Crediting me is also not necessary - but I'd really appreciate it and would love to see whatever you come up with hehe

Thanks for the reply, of course I will credit you! 


I’m not quite sure what «tokens» refers to — is it sprites?


Hi! That's entirely reasonable - it's a tabletop RPG term for images that represent your characters in virtual table tops like Roll20 or Foundry, since those don't have physical miniatures.

They're basically static sprites in this case, yeah! 

Caralho mano, isso ficou muito bom, tás aberto a comissão?

Opa, valeuzão! Só vi isso agora mas te respondi lá no insta já :) 


I really love your aesthetic for those tile packs. And the execution is never subpar. Thx for publishing that!


That's so good to hear!! I'm really grateful you stuck around and it's reading stuff like this that makes it all worthwhile!


Cool tileset, are you going to be doing more like this?



I think I covered most of the isometric fantasy bases here - maybe a sci-fi add-on or a contemporary urban add-on would be cool, but getting some more character tokens would definitely be the priority here. Do you have any suggestions?


Ground Troops, Alien Invaders, Robots... that type of thing. Maybe like an XCOMy type thing. I once heard some interesting pitches for X-COM games that never materialized. X-COM time force, where they go back in time and collect important figures in time. That might be an interesting idea for a strategy game.


Oh I see! I'll let you know if/when I add more to this in that vein, then!