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Slay the Necromancer is my first test project in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and, as such, has a few bugs I'm either entirely unsure on how to fix or that would require extense recoding to fix.  It's a top-down action game, and in an ideal world would feel like a "Top-down Castlevania".

Originally called "We The Four", it was supposed to be similar to CV3 or the retro Bloodstained where one would change between four playable characters, but that was still beyond my grasp. 

I'm quite happy with the graphics, as I view myself primarily as an artist, and I am specially proud of the boss.


Unused sprites can be found here (click!)

This is meant more as a pixel art portfolio, so if you've got freelance jobs available, feel free to throw 'em my way!


Arrows - movement

Z - Sword

X - Sub Weapon (if available)

Z+X - Special (when gauge full)


slaythenecromancer.exe 12 MB

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